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Prepared by: Ch. QS Subhashini Dasanayake, B.Sc. (QS) Hons, A.I.Q.S.SL and Ch. QS Lalith Ratnayake, B.Sc. (QS) Hons, M.Sc. in Project Management, F.I.Q.S.SL Recently, there were certain statements, unsubstantiated reports and speculations that the construction cost in Sri Lanka is substantially high and that it is very close to the construction cost of Singapore. This […]

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Organizations in Construction Industry

This article, compiled by VFORM Consultants (Pvt) Ltd., provides a listing with details on organizations that influence and monitor the construction industry in Sri Lanka, with the intention of providing awareness regarding entities that steer the construction industry for the betterment of the personnel involved and, of course, the country.

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Revival of Construction Industry – Roadmap (Mid and Long Term)

By Ch. QS, Lalith Ratnayake Construction industry is a need of people and other industries in an economy. Therefore, construction as a vital economic activity has to exist and will continue to exist with ups and downs due to externalities and market economy behaviour. This article presents a road map towards the revival of Construction […]

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Dr. P.B. Jayasundara’s Views on Construction and Related Industries with the Covid-19 Outbreak

An Abstract from Daily FT 6th May 2020. An interview with Dr. P.B. Jayasundara With countries, businesses and communities shut down for weeks – Sri Lanka not being an exception – CoVID-19 has given the global economy its biggest jolt. The International Monetary Fund (IMF) forecast a 3% negative growth for the world economy, a […]

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Application of Recent Tax Changes in Contract Administration of Construction Contracts

1. General Details Government has recently announced various tax changes and some of them are already affective. These tax changes should be contractually managed in the payment certifications of the construction contracts. In many standard forms of contracts there is a provision to administer such changes under “Adjustment for Changes in Legislation”. Please refer Conditions […]

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Viability of Consultancy Practices as a Business in Sri Lanka and use of Professional Inputs of Quantity Surveyors.

Consultancy Practices as a Business – Lalith Ratnayake Professional services to the construction industry are provided by various professionals and predominantly by the Architects, Engineers and Quantity Surveyors in terms of designs, documentation and / or supervision. As the said professionals are involved throughout the projects’ life cycle, they are identified as key professionals in […]

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Why we need professional Quantity Surveyors for construction product’s cost estimating?

Determination of cost of the intended finish product is vital in any industry. Fundamentally wrong costing would lead to serious repercussions in a business. Any Quantity Surveyor who is entrusted of managing cost estimating, irrespective of which organization (Client, Contractor or Consultant) he / she is engaged, should have this “business sense”. In case of […]

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JCT and NEC Contracts

The presentation includes a summarized analysis of JCT and NEC Forms of Contract, which are primarily utilized in United Kingdom.

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Institutes Registered Under Tertiary And Vocational Education Commission Providing QS Courses

Includes a list of Academic/ Technical/ vocational Institutes Registered Under Tertiary And Vocational Education Commission Providing QS Courses in Sri Lanka as of June 2019. The document further details how the QS Profession is recognized in the global context.

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