Tax Changes 2019 Nov _ December

Application of Recent Tax Changes in Contract Administration of Construction Contracts Government has recently announced various tax changes and some of them are already affective. These tax changes should be contractually managed in the payment certifications of the construction contracts. In many standard forms of contracts there is a provision to administer such changes under […]

Reveiw of SLS573 with current industry practice – Technical paper_20201214

PRACTICABILITY OF SLS 573 MEASUREMENT RULES FOR THE CURRENT PRACTICES IN CONSTRUCTION INDUSTRY Lalith Ratnayake, Subhashini Dasanayaka and Thisara Jayamanne ABSTRACT Standard Method of Measurement (SMM) has become one of the important standard documents in the construction industry providing several benefits in cost management functions. SMM facilitates consistency, accuracy and uniformity in taking off measurements. […]

Performing a Constuction Contract

Performing a Construction Contract Amidst the Challenges from Externalities, Domestic Deficiencies and Trade Discipline. Externalities In general, our systems are functioning tardy. Starting from government agencies’ procedures in issuing construction permits the delays are experienced generally in: payments; transportation systems; supply chains and material shortages; Inherent less time commitments from large informal sector involved; providing […]

Mid Term & Long Term Vision

Revival of Construction Industry – Roadmap (Mid and Long Term) Background People live in built environments more than 90% of their life time. Most of the other industries’ business processes are taken place in a built environment. Therefore, construction industry is a need of people and other industries in an economy. Therefore, construction as a […]

Viability of Consultancy Practices

Consultancy Practices as a Business Professional services to the construction industry are provided by various professionals and predominantly by the Architects, Engineers and Quantity Surveyors in terms of designs, documentation and / or supervision. As the said professionals are involved throughout the projects’ life cycle, they are identified as key professionals in the Section 26 […]